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material consciousness. (2022)

The triptych Material Consciousness was created by stitching together colour and black and white diapositives. The size of each work is about 15 x 15 cm and the forms applied were inspired by patchworks.

Thinking through craft resulted in the desire to learn even more about photography in terms of materials and process. Traditionally, photographic film functions as a negative, which has only recently become the subject of interest among art historians. The negative is a kind of form that allows the image to be multiplied, reproduced and is thus an intermediate stage in the photographic process.
I used diapositive films that – due to this artistic decision – became the final image. Through the process of working with yarn and in the much smaller scale compared to the relevant for photographic works printed on paper, I was able to expand my material consciousness, which according to Sennet remains one of the crucial conditions for becoming a craftsperson. The series was a result of my curiosity about the material I tend to work with. This curiosity allowed me to refer to one of the forms of material consciousness, namely – metamorphosis.

“Material Consciousness”, 15 cm x 15 cm (each), sewn together color positive slides.

“Material Consciousness”, 15 cm x 15 cm (each), sewn together color positive slides. With backlit. 

“Material Consciousness”. Detail.

“Material Consciousness”. Detail.

“Material Consciousness”. Detail.