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The series of five pieces entitled Moirai. The eponymous Moirai are the goddesses of destiny who spin out humans’ fate with thread. Traditionally there are three of them, but I decided to add their other two sisters known as Charites – the goddesses of fine arts and crafts.

I perceive the series Moirai as a metaphor for women’s power, sisterhood, taking control over one’s own fate and accepting one’s own body.

Clotho Lachesis
Clotho Clotho

1. Lachesis

Working on Lachesis,  I drew inspiration from the patchwork technique. The work consists of forty-nine elements stitched together.

Lachesis, from the series: Moirai. Size: 72 cm x 72 cm.

Lachesis, from the series: Moirai.. Detail

2. Euphrosyne

The piece under the title Euphrosyne, consists of several hexagon-shaped elements that were stitched together with red thread. All the elements had been printed on Ilford Cotton Textured paper. In this work, I decided to slightly diversify the saturation of particular elements so that I could better convey the assumptions behind patchwork, which is traditionally made of scraps of various fabrics.

Euphrosyne, from the series: Moirai. Size: 72 cm x 72 cm.

Euphrosyne, from the series Moirai, detail.

3. Clotho

My work Clotho  was printed on two different types of paper.
This intervention allowed me to get even closer to the materiality of photography, which made the process of repair and reinforcement adequate on two different levels of perception – the image content and its material form. Having put the image together, I started the process of puncturing – this time with the use of much denser template. It resulted in about 30.000 tiny holes that regularly covered the entire surface of my piece. One of more important decisions was the one related to the choice of fibre, thread. Bearing in mind the decision to put more emphasis on the process itself, I opted for one of the thinnest threads available – in order to minimise the form of the sings left by the yarn. The thread I selected for this work is produced by Fil a Gant and is as thin as 0.2 mm.

Clotho, from the series: Moirai. Size: 72 cm x 72 cm.

Clotho, from the series: Moirai.. Detail.

4. Aglaia

In the piece called Aglaia, I focused on the acceptance of the material imperfection by applying the mending and strengthening sashiko technique.

Aglaia, from the series: Moirai. Size: 72 cm x 72 cm.

Aglaia, from the series: Moirai. Detail.

5. Atropos

Atropos, from the series: Moirai. Size: 72 cm x 72 cm.

Atropos, from the series: Moirai. Detail.