quilts on distaff side. (2023).     work in progress...

The sketch shows my two grandmothers – Elżbieta and Eugenia.

Elżbieta was a surgeon and Eugenia – a dressmaker.  Both worked with a needle, both worked with thread. In their professions, the connection on the line ‘hand-head’ was very important. Their work focused on another human being and required an amazing material consciousness.

Their professions, apparently so distant from one another, have a lot in common. For me, this sketch represents a synthesis of my research as it involves yarn, women, craft and finally, photography. 

“Eugenia & Elzbieta”. Sewn together photographs.

Inspired by the way their worked I am creating the series of photo-quilts.

To make them I’m using the traditional quilt patterns as a tribute to my grandmother who was a tailor. To show the respect to my grandmother who was a surgeon I am sewing the pieces together using the suture techniques.

“Quilts on a distaff side”. Size: 45 cm x 45 cm (each) 

Cross running suture  
“Quilts on a distaff side”. Detail. 

The running horizontal mattress suture.
“Quilts on a distaff side”. Detail.